Funky Cactus Pro Mask

Funky Cactus Pro Mask

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There is nothing more important right now than protecting our health, so we have developed a mask that allows you to do so with superior filtration and antimicrobial properties.

The Lemon Made Pro Mask is not only innovatively designed to offer high-grade protection, but is a reusable and washable mask that can destroy germs on contact. Our intelligent fabrics have been developed specifically to keep you and those around you safe. 

Why the LMI Pro Mask?

1) Superior filtration against airborne particles
2) Antimicrobial inner and outer coating that destroys germs on contact
3) Wicking inner layer that prevents moisture build-up and helps stop bacteria from growing
4) Exclusive optimised fit features around nose and chin to enhance air seal around face
5) Splash-resistant coating
6) Reusable & Environmentally responsible

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